Introducing Workshop on

Simulation Based Design of Microwave circuits and Antennas for Wireless Communication System:

Experienced RF engineers have developed different types of software to analyze radiators, wave guide elements and their interconnects. During this course you can work with powerful software like EMPIRE, MATLab and IE3D. These simulators cover many different tasks in microwave engineering problems. By and large, these packages are accurate and easy to use since they help solving the Maxwell's equations.
Workshop Overview:

Design:          With aid of EMPIRE, MATLab and IE3D.
Fabrication:   Microwave discreet components and antennas.
Result:           Both theoretical and practical.

Lectures on:

Advance Communication System (e.g. Wireless communication)

Antennas - Techniques and Design.

Circuit Design - Integrated and Hybrid Digital and Analog.

Software Exposure:

Full 3D-EM field simulator.
3D visulization and animation.
Diagrams, Smith charts, Polar patterns.
Near-and-far-field plots.
Interaction with

Course instructors:

Dr. Dipak Ranjan Poddar (Professor Jadavpur University)
Dr. Monojit Mitra (Professor BESU, Howrah)
Dr. Bhaskar Gupta (Professor Jadavpur University)


Mr. Bidyut Chakraborty,
(M.Tech. JU, 20 years of Industrial experience)

Mr. Samik Chakraborty, (Research Scholar,
Jadavpur University)

Mr. Sougata Das, (Sr. Development Engineer, Microline India)

Co-ordinator of the program:

Dr. Pranab Paul (Director, Microline India)
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