Products Marketed by Microline India:

* Authorized dealer of G.W.Instek (USA) for measuring instruments like Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope,
* Authorized dealer of SANWA (Japan) Multimeters etc.
* Microwave  Equipments of Vidyut Yantra Udyog,  Modinagar(UP),   
* Authorized dealer of  Elkay International Inc. for Imported Microwave components, connectors, Adapters, RF components and Microwave laminates.
* Authorized dealer of M/S Signet Electronics , Mumbai for Antenna and Transmission line Trainer kits.
Below are some of the common features to be found on every Tech-Power series products:

Modular Design
Each functional block is manufactured as a module with solder less design.
The   modules can be removed or fitted using the onboard PCB mounted terminals
Block or single line schematic printed on each module for ease of understanding.
It Support external or onboard connection to meters, oscilloscope or indicators
Easy Servicing can be done by replacing a faulty block even by the user.

Extensive Protection Schemes
Use of MCBs, Fuse, Thermal protection and intelligent micro-controller based Supervisor circuit (with LCD Status display) gives ultimate protection to the entire system. This prevents damage due to overload, over voltage and thermal runaway. This also prevents sensitive measuring instruments or meters from damage due to over range.

Industrial Grade Components
We use semiconductor components from the most reputed ISO certified companies, e.g. IR (International Rectifier), Semikron, Microchip to name a few. On request we also provide manufacturers datasheet of components used in our kits. The electrical and protection components such as MCB, Fuses, and Terminals are also from leading manufacturers like L&T, MDS, etc. Every wiring is made with fire retardant wires from Finolex, L&T or KDK. We have our in-house PCB manufacturing facility to make high quality glass epoxy PCBs.
We manufacture different types of electronics equipments and instruments, control and electrical equipments for the educational institutions and the Research and Development organisations. With the increasing experience and innovative ideas backed by skilled man power, we maintain finnest quality of electronics equipments.
Smart Design
Our products can either be of table top design or space saving panels. Each module or functional block can be upgraded in terms of capacity or functionality.
The entire wiring in a system are duly numbered and crimped with color coding.

Safe Handling
A standardized transformer based power supply is used in all the design to provide isolation from the Mains. This reduces chances of hazards due to electrical shock. Optionally all of our equipments can be fitted with a RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker). Our documentation includes handling instructions with Do s and Donts guide.

Our products and Panels are backed up by extensive documentation, explaining  procedure and explanation of different functional block. A detailed wiring diagram with photographic illustration is provided for easy handling by the any technical /non technical persons. We provide the documentation on hard and soft copies for easy duplication.

We also undertake Industrial standard workshop on Micro-controller based design. Many technical persons and BTech graduates had undertaken our courses to enhance their knowledge on Microcontrollers.

MICROLINE offers a wide range of services that cover almost all control system needs.

Evaluating the controls or information needs
Developing and proposing a solution concept
Microcontroller PIC based, development
HMI and SCADA system design, development and deployment.
PLC software development.
Control Panel design and schematic generation.
PLC code conversion projects.
Up gradation of existing PLC/SCADA systems. 
Testing, Installation and commissioning.
Training end users on the user system.
Instrumentation system design and implementation.
PCB design projects.
PCB Prototype development and manufacturing.
Custom software development for reports generation.
HMI development using .Net
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